The crew with a coffee curiosity.

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Co-owner, COO, & Coffee tech

Josh Holmquist

Josh's career began in electrical and plumbing, with degrees in Electrical Construction & Control and Electrical Mechanical Technology.

A decade later, Josh and Sara purchased Normal Roasting Company. Normal fueled Josh's love for good conversations with a great cup of coffee in hand, and paved the way for Theory Coffee Tech.

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Head Roaster

Josh Uden

Josh joined Normal in August 2021, and has since become head roaster, continuously exploring the world of coffee (and coffee science).

He's been teaching high school drumline for nearly ten years, and is always fascinated by any funky or obscure coffees that you put in front of him.

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Call or text at 308-214-1965

Executive Assistant

Libby Kirschner

Libby started at Normal in March 2022 as Sara's assistant, then got really caffeinated and learned how to do a bunch of other stuff.

The only one in the Roastery not named Josh, she's known for taking over the Roastery speakers and has a playlist for every occasion.

If you've got a question, send it her way at

Call or text at 308-214-1964